Our new life @ HOME

Our new life @ HOME

Join us as we explore our new lives working, parenting and trying to stay connected at HOME.


This is uncharted territory. We have gone from busy lives of work, school, activities and social gatherings - to being confined to our homes often with our families. Although we are all doing the right thing and #stayinghome (thank you!), we are also long for connecting with other people to sharing ideas and stories and most of all a bit of humour. 


Although there are loads of awesome Facebook and WhatsApp groups - we wanted to create a community for EVERYONE, no matter where you are in the world and what platform you use. This will not be a place for end of the world doom and gloom (we will get through this!) but a place to share, learn and continue to be connected to each other. Anyone is welcome to join for free and we only ask that you post positive vibes here.



We are going to start with a few groups and see how it goes. If you would like to start a local group or a specific topic let us know. If you have an idea let us know. This is a network built by the community for the community, so tell us what you would like to see here! 

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